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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  December 17, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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terrorized literally into doing this. that should not happen in the united states of america. liz: we'll have much more on this as the news continues. but todd, thanks, "the willis report" is next gerri: hello, everyone, welcome to the "willis report." i'm gerri willis. you can forget the santa claus rally. december's big market booster, janet yellen. stocks soaring today, snapping a three-day losing streak as the fed's easy money policy just keeps rolling along. what happens when that party stops? we're asking gary kaltbaum, owner and president of kaltbaum capital management, and peter morici, economist and professor at the university of maryland. on and on we flow here, guys. i'm surprised that the markets didn't react more postively although we had a 300 point gain at one point. what is your reaction, gary? >> i think it's the same old-same old.
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the fed is easy, easy, easy. keep talking about data dependent but i think all they will do is keep interest rates at zero percent. i don't think they will ever raise rates. any blip in the economy and bad market they may start another round of quantitative easing. gerri: oh, my goodness. gary, peter, i'm sorry to you. do you agree with that? will they never raise rates? >> i believe they intend on raising rates. the real question whether russia or some other event disrupts global economy. we're in a situation where the u.s. economy is becoming the bright star and there is no reason to believe that we can't as we have in the past grow even in the face of poor economic conditions in japan and europe. after all there is nothing new about poor economic conditions in japan and europe. gerri: that is absolutely right. gary to you, peter brought up oil and pete you are brought up russia. i want to talk about the oil prices for a minute. that was really part of the inflation picture and numbers today. what do you expect to happen to
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oil prices? >> that is nothing but great news to the consumer and -- gerri: amen, amen. >> big tax cut. let's hope it continues. i have a sneaking suspicion we're staying down for a while. i don't think you get 40, 50% drops and turn right back up. i think we'll bounce around here, maybe go higher but i think energy prices may be down for the count. let's hope it stays that way. gerri: it would be good for us, that's for sure. peter, do you see it the same way? the markets get so skiddish about the oil prices, they seem so concerned about it, but for consumers, boy, isn't that great news? what a holiday present. >> it is great news for consumers and much bigger than the 75 billion we here touted because that is a net number for the u.s. economy. you have to subtract loss to folks in the oil fields. after all they make fewer profits. overall if oil at thats in the 60s i think we're fine. if it slips below that, you have to ask what will be the loss to the u.s. oil industry in terms of reduced production, really
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reduced investment and how will that ripple back into the economy. gee whiz, at a time like i wish we could start building pipelines, that would take $10 a barrel off the cost of oil and well beyond keystone. east/west pipelines, all these trains running east, $10 a barrel. that would make all of this a lot easier for oil producers and for us. gerri: i hear you. i feel your pain. gary, to you, i want to talk a little more about the fed here because here's what i don't understand. we don't like these people. they run our monetary policy. right now they're running markets. the markets went up as much as 300 points intraday after the news broke what they were doing. they're keeping their foot on the gas pedal. with will be the long-term impact of all this easy money flowing through the economy? >> look, here is my worry. used to be that prosperity caused higher asset prices. the fed is using higher asset prices to try and cause prosperity. and for me, and i've been saying this for a very long type, in
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the long run, not the short run, not in intermediate term, all this easy money, all this money printing will cause asset price distortion and that is the bubble. and then always, always, 100% of the time the asset bubbles burst and it usually very painful. we saw it in 2000. we saw it in 2007 and bernanke decided to go even crazier. gerri: what is the bubble now? is it the stock market? is it bond? what do you see? >> my goodness, you have interest rates down at nothing. junk bond, you have yields at ridiculous levels for companies that should not be coming out with bond yields at 4%. they should come out eight or nine and there will be a day when things get normalized, five years, three years, two years, eventually will happen. by the way already starting to see come comeuppance. the junk bond market trashed last couple months. gerri: peter, jump in. >> agricultural land bid up. residential neighborhood in
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manhattan and san fan so forth. more and more risk is seeping into the banks. this easy money makes it easy for them, to excuse the double, to basically mask that. so when interest rates go back up there will be a lot of creditors, whether sears roebuck or sam the farmer in michigan that will have too much debt on their hand they can't service shouldn't have had in the first place and there will be bankruptcies. gerri: well -- >> gerri. gerri: go right ahead, gary. >> there are more derivatives now than there were in 2007 and eight. remember they said we have to be careful about derivatives? it even more and more of the margin is way up there and all kinds of leverage on everything. by the way you can buy 200 square feet in san francisco for a million four. if that is not a bubble i don't know what is. >> derivatives right now are four times at least four times the total value of the global economy. not the gdp but capital value. how can that possibly be
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sustainable? the whole situation is absurd. gerri: long way to go. markets like it. they're up. we'll have to wait and see. gary, peter, thanks for coming on. great to see you. >> take care. gerri: and a rosier outlook for small businesses as optimism returns for entrepreneurs. a new "inc." magazine survey of 5,000 business owners are betting on a strong 2015. here with more, ink president and editor-in-chief. great to see you again. >> gerri, great to see you too. gerri: long time no see. i want to hear more about the survey. why are these on opts so optimistic? >> entrepeneurs are optimistic by nature. who else would start a business if they were not optimistic. they're usually not optimistic about the economy in general. that is the really interesting thing here. 26% are very confident, not just kind of confident, very confident. gerri: compares to 10% last year. >> 2 1/2 times what they were last year. add in somewhat confident, three out of four entrepreneurs think the economy is in good shape.
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when you ask them about their own prospects for next year, 57% are extremely confident. gerri: 57%, that is amazing. what about prospects for getting a loan? let's face it, cash flow is the lifeblood of a small business. are they getting money? >> they are. they find money a lot loser than they used to. not crazy loose but still they're getting all the money they need. a lot are finding they fund their profits out of their profits and not really in the credit markets. gerri: that makes all the difference, my friend, if you're doing that. they have concerns though. one we talked a lot about on this show is obamacare and health care costs. how are they dealing with that and their attitude? >> they're not definitely fans of obamacare. 56% say it is a knit negative for their business. 11% say it may cause layoffs at their company. gerri: even now, this long later after the law has been in effect people are still getting laid off for obamacare? wow. >> there is a little bit of a
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contradiction in the way they think about things. 92% of them already give health insurance. gerri: right. >> so they believe in it and 70% say as a principle, they're in favor of universal health care for all americans. they just don't like the form it is taking in obamacare. gerri: i think we all got surprised by. that obamacare was a shocker to a number of us. i have want to talk about political gridlock this is something else they're concerned about. >> it may be the number one concern entrepreneurs have. they feel of all the things happening in the economy the number one thing they said was gridlock in washington. right after that, government regulations. gerri: well we talk about that on the show a lot. the kind of regulations, the rules, that hamper these kind of folks beyond obamacare. what are the things they're really concerned about? >> for entrepreneurs generally not things like dodd-frank or things like that. the more the local level things. expansion permits. things, osha and things like that make it impossible for you to grow a business that, you know, on its commercial merits alone ought to be able to expand. gerri: eric, what kind ever
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growth do the folks see for next year? is it on fire? is it gangbusters? is it 5%? is it 2 1/2? >> if you ask these people it is double digits. they are really, really positive. gerri: that is so fascinating and yet core according to your own reporting fewer people are starting businesses than in some time. >> this is kind of a puzzle. after all seems like entrepeneurship, this is its moment. everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. it is cheaper than it ever was to start a company and yet business formation is down. i think two things could be going on. business formation always falls during a recession and the data that the government puts together is old. so we may just be seeing delayed effects from the 20082009 recession. that's the positive. the negative one is that, maybe people just don't have the risk tolerance in this country to start companies. gerri: i got to tell you, when i talk to people, invest stores, small investors they're trying to avoid risk.
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2007, 2008, very negative for people out there. congratulations on the magazine. nice to have you here. >> nice to be here. gerri: more on sony deciding not to move forward with a planned december 25th release of "the interview." the news came out after the four largest movie chains in the country all canceled plans to show the film. we'll have the latest details coming up also ahead a lot more to come this hour including your voice. your voice is important to us. that's why during the show we want you to facebook me or tweet me @gerriwillisfbn. send me an email. go to at the bottom of the hour i will read your tweets and emails. and next, many employers are taking their wellness programs to entirely new level. tell you what they're doing. you will be shocked. i is it with us. ♪
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gerri: all right, you might want to put down the christmas cookies right now because the boss is looking at what you're eating. businesses are aggressively trying to slim down health care costs. lauren weber, whose article was
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ranked as one of the most popular articles on "the wall street journal" website. congratulations on that. lauren, start with why these companies are doing this. why are they so intense about wellness programs? >> you mentioned the cost. that is a big part of it. there is estimate from a study a few years ago at duke university that obesity costs employers about $73 billion a year. that part it. gerri: 73 billion, let me stop you right there, i have always wonder when they do these big studies do they really know? that seems like a big estimate. >> that is based on sampling. so we may not know the exact number. based on additional health care cost like diabetes treatment and chronic conditions related to obesity. along absenteeism, sick time, present teism with people at their work but not being their most productive. gerri: what are tactics trying to control you to lose weight and stop smoking? >> companies are concerned about this for a long time. you found discounts for gym
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memberships, things like that. gerri: those are good things. >> i think partly because health care costs escalated so much in recent years and concerns about the affordable care act, they're concerned about how much health care costs are going to continue going up. again it is also these productivity issues. if we get our people to have more energy and be more productive at work that is good for the bottom line. gerri: what are they doing though? some people think they go too far. what are tactics they're using to get to do what they want? >> they are throwing spaghetti into the programs. everything from bringing nutrition its into the house or in the office. using social apps,. same philosophy behind things like facebook and other social networks to get people to be more supported in losing weight. covering more real surgical or medical methods like weight loss drugs approved by fda or surgery. gerri: there are more sticks now than carrots? are they getting to the point okay, now you're going to be in
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trouble if you don't do what we want? >> there is a lot of that. in the affordable care act, there was provision employers could increase amount of financial incentive or penalty for employees who -- gerri: penalties, penalty. >> yes. gerri: they will not pay for my health care, what happens? >> sometimes that is the case. sometimes you either have to pay an additional amount for health care or they won't give you a discount they're giving to every other employee who maybe participated in a program or lowered their body mass index. gerri: so is this going to add up to hundreds of dollars a year, thousands of dollars a year? >> sometimes thousands. not just weight loss. it is smoking. where some of the harshest penalties come in. kinds of behavioral changes are very difficult for people but employers are getting much more involved now in trying to change those behaviors. gerri: so might big question is, when you put up that $73 billion figure, do people really know? i don't think they really know. but the real question and the thing that will really tell the tale is if this works. and my question to you is, okay, you've given me incentive this
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year to lose weight, okay. but do i keep it off? dot benefits to you as employer only accrue after decade or more? do you understand what i mean? this is not immediate stuff necessarily. >> a lot of these are long-time changes. the jury is out whether programs work. a lot require maintenance. we know weight loss you can lose 60 pounds and gain it all back shortly after. gerri: right. >> that is why employers are experimenting with things that work. they're using old-fashioned programs like nutrition counseling and bringing in training. they're adding emotional well-being counselors because realization there are emotional issues to the way people relate. gerri: all i need is my boss looking over my shoulder at lunch. appalling. fascinating topic. be interesting to see how it works out. when we come back, first theaters decide not to show the interview. now sony has pulled the plug on the movie's christmas release date. we'll have all latest details
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gerri: when you think of the holiday season you think of a time to be jolly, excited, full of wonder, right? not for everybody. this time of year can bring along what many call the holiday blues. here with how you can overcome the blues is psychologist and assistant professor at a osteopathic medicine, in new york city, dr. jeffrey gardere. always a pleasure to have you. >> thank you, gerry. gerri: in the break we were
5:22 pm
talking about how people get depressed at holiday time. you're thinking of loved ones that may not be around. you're thinking about how you stack up with others. how do we know that people we're dealing with on a daily basis aren't facing those headwinds because sometimes you can't tell? >> sometimes you just have to ask, why is it that you're feeling down or why do you have the blues? most of us do have that, because this is a time where we're supposed to be together, we're supposed to make -- gerri: we're supposed to be happy. >> we're supposed to be happy. gerri: i just watched whyte christmas. everybody is smiling and everything is great. >> when the expectation is there and not really inside of you because a loved one is gone or someone is overseas fighting or whatever the case may be it makes it a really harder time for you because you feel you have to keep up with the holiday joins. gerri: talking about keeping up with the joins, dr. jeff, i think one of the big issues is social media because you look on social media, facebook, your friends pages everybody looks so
5:23 pm
happy out there. >> that's right. gerri: are they? is that -- >> i think part of what they're trying to do is cheer themselves up and they're doing something which is important, and what i feel many people should do. when you feel down like that, it is important to get out of your own head and reach out to others much back in the day, when i was much younger, that meant just volunteering your time, talking to family and friends, now it is about going on facebook or going on to social media and trying to cheer yourself up and trying to spread that holiday cheer. gerri: one of the trend in society that is making this worse in my view is that there are more and more and more single-family house hold. >> right. gerri: we have data from the census that proves that. you are distracted when you live on your own, and you can't get out. what are things people can do? you mentioned a few things. are there others? >> a lost single people and people on their own forming that commune, if you will, getting
5:24 pm
together with other people, other single parent households and going out buying gifts together, sharing gifts together. having holiday meals together and sometimes we talked about this whole idea of cuffing, getting together with someone romantically over the winter season? this is more of a holiday cuffing but without the romans and more verying that cheer and enjoying one another. gerri: even if you don't have family close by or on your own, throw a party for other people, that might be not new year's eve, but maybe new year's day. maybe the week before. we do friends giving. >> that's right great. gerri: people come in, and we'll not see them over the holidays. that is kind after solution for people out there. talk to us, also, dr. jeff, if you're worried about someone, how to reach out to them. because it is not always obvious people are struggling but sometimes you see people out there who are, what do you do? >> you know what people really want, especially if they're feeling down?
5:25 pm
is just someone to listen but someone to open the gateway and say what's going on? do you need to talk about this? are you going through this yourself? give me some empowerment strategies but just communicating. >> some people just push it away, right? >> and it's that lady doth protest too much. when someone pushes you away then you know there is something going on. you have to be somewhat insistent. get out of your own head and say, listen, i am here for you. call them on a wednesday, call them on a thursday. invite them to friend, exactly, just don't leave them by themselves, exactly. gerri: increase that circle, right? make it bigger and bigger. >> if you reach out to other people and let them know they're there for them, even you with your own little bit of a holiday blues will actually feel better because you are doing something for someone else and that is what the holidays are all about. gerri: absolutely right. this year i have a different feeling about the holidays. it is interesting. i think a lot of folks out
5:26 pm
there, they're not buying as much. >> that's right. gerri: i think their priorities are different. and they may be somewhat better frankly because it is not about the present under the tree, is it? >> we know it is about the experience. the experience on christmas. i just did something for your fox "good day" where this whole idea of it is not about what the presents are, just getting any kind of a present, something that cost as dollar or two dollars, just getting the rush of opening it, thank you, you did that for me? or you invited me over for dinner or we're sitting together? that is what every study has shown statistically, about the memories and not so much about the dinero all the time. gerri: instant gratification. >> dinner. not the didnt narrow, right. gerri: very cute. dr. jeff, thanks for coming on an important topic. we appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. happy holidays for all. gerri: merry christmas. >> thank you. gerri: in the wake of massive hack attacks in 2014, we've had so many, what is in store for
5:27 pm
next year? supposed to be a comedy. nobody is laughing now as sony pulse "the interview" in the wake of violent threats from hackers. we'll have the latest and your reaction. could protect you from cancer? what if one push up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease- pneumococcal pneumonia. one dose of the prevnar 13 ® vaccine can help protect you ... you
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to interact in ways they never thought possible. this cloud turns data into excitement. this is the microsoft cloud. are single well you will single logo logo and the latest company on sunday. they plan to not release "the interview." the news comes after the largest movie chains canceled plans to show the film. adam shapiro has more. reporter: we just got a statement from sony. we want to read a few bits about this. controversy over whether sony has made an this decision. they say that we respect our partners to share their paramount interest in the safety of employers and theatergoers and we are deeply saddened that
5:31 pm
this brazen effort to suppress the distribution of a movie and in the process damage to our company and employees in the american public and we stand by our filmmakers and their right to free expression and are extremely disappointed by this outcome. so what happened before them late this evening decided to delay the december 25 release of torrance "the interview", they decided that they were not going to show the film. they could break their contract, they said, because of the threats in which the hackers, the guardians for peace come actually threaten not only sony employees but the theaters that would show the film and those that would go to the theaters referencing ms. so you get statements in which they talked about the recent cancellation of the "the interview" premier, the overall confusion and uncertainty that has been created in the
5:32 pm
marketplace brings into serious doubt whether the movie will open at all next week. that was before sony decided that i'm not okay with this. and one outcome of all of this is that finally there is a decision whether it is the right one or the wrong one and it's up to others to decide but sony has made a decision which has delayed the release. gerri: who are the guardians of peace? how can we not know who they are to . >> that is the most amazing question of all. there was the belief because some of the code used to hack computers was similar to code which had been used by hackers linked with north korea, so the finger-pointing was at them. and it was supposed to be economy, but they assassinate kim jong-un. so the thing that we have been pointing out is the fbi, nobody has officially said yes but this is an act of state terrorism and hacking. we have had security analyst who
5:33 pm
said no, this has to be some kind of state-sponsored hacking. but there have been others who have said that this could be someone else. gerri: i thought the nsa knew everything. i guess i'm wrong. so before you go, i want you to weigh in on something. our viewers answering our questions tonight, should theaters poll "the interview" in the wake of violent arrests? 80% said no. what do you make of that? i think that's fascinating. >> the irony is that it was a terrible movie to begin with. it would've died in a week or two had all of this not broken out. gerri: you know, so it's not just a story about a movie, it's a story about the economy. it's a story about people having access to content that they want and now they can't because of these bad guys and maybe the show stinks, but the bigger
5:34 pm
issue is free speech. reporter: that's right, the president -- i mean, we are fortunate in the united states to have the right is enshrined in the constitution that we can produce the right to produce this in the united states, whether it is this movie or anything house. but they said that who the hackers are, they say forget your amendments, we can shut you down. gerri: next time it could be want peace, it could be something that you might not consider directly. >> that should've been shut down, but no one spoke up. gerri: thank you so much. here is what some are sending to us in tweets. maybe they should be talking about their dictator and sort of worrying about a comedy. and theaters to cancel only if they value the opinions of dictators more than a free society. apparently that's not an issue for them. and here is mark.
5:35 pm
he says giving in to hackers is never a good idea and invites more attacks against the u.s. and i think you got that right. not everyone agrees. they say yes, they are doing the right thing by pulling the plug and please tell me that it's better than the pineapple express. here are some of your e-mails on a host of topics. one from florida writes but to answer your question should parents have to pay for college tuition? people are still going on and on about this. parents should want to pay but should not have to pay. and linda says i have always paid whatever taxes have been demanded. these are ridiculous things that my taxes are used for. an oral from oregon says that the only reason you were president is because the next choice is joe biden, how would that make you feel. [laughter] gerri: we love to hear from you. go to on to the next topic, home depot, jpmorgan, and now sony.
5:36 pm
those were some of the companies hacked putting consumers and employees personal information at risk. global 2015 bring us? and so adam, it's great to have you here privacy is your biggest concern. what is going on with sony? >> this is a decimation of a company. i've never seen anything like this happen before. the level of viciousness and the level of this, it is scorched earth. and normally you say there is an economic basis for this and we are upset about what the hacks occur. and here this is way more. gerri: it has caused some to wonder if it is an inside job. >> there were a lot of disgruntled employees. you see that there are a lot of
5:37 pm
disgruntled opinions all over the place. but at the end of the day even though the fbi said 90% of the companies in this country could not have withstood an attack like this one, the fact of the matter that it brings into complete focus is exactly how much trouble we are in with corporate data security. gerri: i think that 2015 will be even worse. >> i think that if target and home depot -- i mean, this one will be to the digital world with a word to the retail world except it's a much bigger and serious problem. because this is where you come face-to-face with the concept of an extinction level event. and they are huge at least for a corporation and it could be an extinction level event. because this corporation has been taken apart.
5:38 pm
gerri: companies are scrambling to make sure they are not the next victims of guardians of the peace. >> i think every corporation is trying to figure it out. there will be boardroom bloodbath over this. there was with target and this is just target on steroid. gerri: so you think that executive heads will roll? >> i think that the heads will roll, i'm not in the boardroom, but certainly looks like a big deal. gerri: i want to ask about the flipside of this which is consumers. because we are worried as well and of course you can work for this company and have all of your information displayed even if you're not famous at angelina jolie. my big question, are companies going to get it together for their workers and their customer this year? >> i think that after ever was a year that they were going to do it, this is a because 2014 has been a very bad year grisha knowing into this disaster. so i think that there's definitely going to be a change in attitude. we are no longer going to hear
5:39 pm
about just i.t., we are going to hear about information security and a lot about that. gerri: okay, so that has been the song and dance that we have been hearing for some time. is it going to come to pass we met. >> i think that it's coming and i think it's good to be here in 2015. i think it's more chip and signature with ben chip and 10. but more secure than we have. it doesn't really help you online, but it will help present transactions in the story. so we are going to see that. but the question is bad enough? the answer is absolutely not. there has to be more, there has to be top to bottom security protocols and we have to have the government were involved in the process of information exchange. gerri: the government has to be involved? >> when it comes to threat assessments coming if they do, and there has to be more exchange because they have to help with development of standards and they have to help with enforcement issues with
5:40 pm
this. gerri: it comes back to them. >> it really comes back to all of us. this is a collaborative effort from government consumers and media. we are all in this together and we can't have just one part rolling and the other part is fighting. we don't have comprehensive cybersecurity legislation yet and we don't have a national breach notification law. despite all of the media that occurred, the letter that went to sony employees was dated december 15, that was just this last monday. looking at all of the things that we have been through and all the things we have heard sends. gerri: it has been amazing and at first it was sort of funny because we heard about the private lives of all of these stars and now i think it's finally coming around. it's a bigger threat than that. thank you so much for coming on. merry christmas and happy new year. >> thank you. gerri: a new study shows that traditional gas guzzling cars could be better than ones running on electricity. and as we look back on 2014, bright scope is out with this
5:41 pm
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5:45 pm
proprietary way of looking at quality. so we are looking at things like how much goes into each plan, the fees, the investment options, and we are trying to figure out whether they will help you get to retirement to. gerri: this is a lot of the holy grail for workers. considering how much the companies are putting on behalf of their employees, how much the employees are putting in and considering things like the options that they have and the fees that they have to pay. let's work through this. the first one, the nfl savings plan. as football players doing well. >> yes, there's a lot of money going in there to this plan on behalf of each one of those players. and everybody that is in the nfl basically has access to this plan and the average on this list is actually 97% and they have very high participation rates.
5:46 pm
but if you are in the nfl, you are in this plan and welcome i think in this case that this is a case where the plan is focused on the pilot and as you know the airline industry may not be that profitable over long times but the airline pilots are actually highly paid and highly specialized and there's a lot of competition between the airlines to keep the best ones. so they oftentimes do a lot to make this 401k plan a key benefit and they do a great job. gerri: they seem to be pretty profitable to me. the other companies really moving up the rankings, the bp employee savings plan. why is that? >> they are very profitable. so they are able to put a lot of money back then and this plan is actually one that sort of detracts from the company bottom line. so if you are a dione trying to discover shareholder value or focus on your employee, those
5:47 pm
rings can be in conflict. but when it comes to them, they are highly profitable and they invest in their employees. gerri: glaxo smith kline also. >> yes, that has been a great industry and a lot of consolidation to invest in. and it happens to be a great industry to work in, especially they are and also that their pharmaceuticals where they have done well. gerri: are you looking at the fees pay for the funds? what level do you consider to be too much to pay for the funds? >> that's extremely important. actually a lot more money is going into index funds. we are saying that with the vanguard institutional index that is the second-largest fund and retirement and so more and more people are investing in the fund's and they have 10 basis
5:48 pm
points, maybe even under that, it might be a significant difference in cost. gerri: icv you have these fonts on your list and they're not my favorites because i don't really trust the managers to make the choices and make this work. in an ideal world, it would work. but they may not work. you think this is the way to go reign. >> yes, it's a difficult question. it depends on which target they have. some of the funds are really good. if you will spend 40 years of your working career trading in and out of asset classes are fun, i would say that the target fund is always a better option. if you're disciplined and you're not able to locate your account all the time and you're able to focus on how much you save, i would say that potentially don't need to use this target date fund.
5:49 pm
but for the vast majority of people it's a good idea conceptually. gerri: it's not an easy choice. they give are coming on because it's so good to see you. >> thank you. gerri: coming up next, my "two cents more" and a new study shows electric cars may not be worth all the hype and even worse than gasifier cars to the environment. stay with us. hard it can breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled... ...copd maintenance treatment... ...that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. you know, spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace rescue inhalers for
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5:53 pm
their gas powered counterparts. here with more from the university of minnesota, we have chris. thank you for coming on the show. >> happy to be here. gerri: good to have you. how is it that electric cars create pollution? >> the electric cars don't actually have a mrs. come out of their tailpipes because they don't have tailpipes. what happens is they generate electricity and they do have electrical admissions. gerri: so let me get right. they are electric power, something has to fuel that electric power plant and it very well may be coal-fired? >> yes, but it could be clean processing. and if it is clean, then that can run a lot better than
5:54 pm
gasoline. gerri: we have coal-fired electricity for most of the country, all electric vehicles can cause 86% more deaths from air pollution and gas powered cars. can you tell us about that? that seems very concerning. >> yes, if we adopt electric vehicles in this keep these then it's a lot worse than gasoline. but electric vehicles are a lot better than gasoline, they are actually the best of all the options that we looked at for air quality. gerri: how long did you study this and how many cars did you actually look at? how did you test this? >> i've been working on this for about six years and we looked at 10 different options including gasoline. what we did is we looked at how you have 10% of the vehicles in the year 2020, with all of these
5:55 pm
different options, how they would impact air pollution and public health. gerri: so you look at this and obviously you have written a very conference at audi. is there anything that people can do about there let electric cars? >> well, to make them cleaner they can contact their representatives and asked for cleaner power to be delivered to them. gerri: okay, great to see you and we appreciate your time. >> thank you. gerri: we will be right back with the answer to the question of the day. should movie theaters pull "the interview" in the wake of threats ♪
5:56 pm
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gerri: as we mentioned, sony is not going ahead with the planned release of "the interview." after hackers threaten terrorist attacks for theaters showing this comedy. this is how you voted tonight, 13% said yes, 87% said no way. we talked about this a little earlier in the show. log onto par online question every weekday. finally, one little talked about result of the presidents with glenn trade agreement with cuba. you may be able to get your hands on cuban cigars legally. tobacco products are among the traded goods allowed under the presidents new rules, but only $100 of tobacco and alcohol combined can be purchased. americans by more than 13.5 million cigars annually and cuba produces 20 million. this will make cigar aficionados very happy. that is my "two cents more" and that is it for tonight's "willis report." thank you for joining us.
6:00 pm
be sure to record the show if you can't catch us live. tran-ones with charles payne is coming up next. have a wonderful night and we will see you here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ charles: hello, i am charles payne and you're watching "making money." the dow jones up following three days of losses, losses for the market now, the year's final statement from janet yellen setting the stage to raise rates may be in 2015. the watch is taking, but maybe not as fast as some would like. let's go to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. reporter: that's right, we saw the dow jones up more than 300 points, we have the federal market committee statement saying that they're going to maintain those near zero interest rates were considerable time and that it can be patient in normalizing the


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